About the Artist

I was born in 1981 in the Kilimanjaro Region. When I was a little boy I started painting and sketching what I saw around myself – trees, mountains, animals. But it was only after finishing technical college that I really began taking his art seriously.

My work is abstract, but based on traditional Massai culture, music and stories, and through my art I have discovered my own Maasai identity. My work has been featured in the Biannual exhibition Dar es Salaam, along with regional shows along the coast.

I have completed four commissions: Zamani windows, Ngoma, Wedding and Beauty.  I am currently in the process of completing other commissioned works, such as Tloma and Olduvai Gorge.

I live in Mikawahani Village in Tanzania on the east side of the Farm Estate at Gibbs Farms.


3 Responses to About the Artist

  1. JSS says:

    Dear Peter Ray: I bought a painting from you this summer while visiting Gibbs Farm. I would like now to purchase another, larger piece. Might you get in touch with me? Thank you.

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